Department of Computer Engineering

The Department of Computer Engineering was established in 2007. The Department of Computer Engineering has well defined curriculum which aims at training the students in various fields of Computer Science.The team of well qualified and experienced faculty members has varied experience in the areas of System Software, Computer Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile and Computer Networks, Object Oriented Design, Computer Graphics and Image Processing, Distributed Computing, Database Management System, Multimedia and Neural Networks cater to the needs of the budding engineers.
The department enjoys state-of-the-art infrastructure with 3 Computer Laboratories with high end systems with Core i3 Processor configuration and original software. The Servers maintained in the Department are Windows 2008 Server, Oracle 9i Server, Red Hat Linux Server. The Department also has a Department Library to cater to the needs of the Department faculty and the students. The Department has an active Association "AGATES" for the benefit of the students which organize regular Seminars, Workshops, Faculty Development Programmes and Guest Lectures.


The purpose of our college is not only the theoretical learning inside the classrooms or just completes the syllabus but its sole objective to have practical knowledge. Industrial interaction is very important as far as the practical knowledge is concerned and it is prime requirement of the present corporate world and its working.
To enhance practical knowledge of student, every semester our department organizes minimum of two Industrial visits for the students. The purpose of this visit is to give them an insight about a way how the company works.
S.No. Semester Industry visited Date of Visit No. of students 1 3 & 5 BSNL, Trichy. 18.06.2015 27
2 3 & 5 Airport Authority of India, Trichy 08.07.2015 29
3 3 & 5 All India Radio,Trichy. 27.09.2015 29
4 4 & 6 Doordharshan TV Relay center, Trichy. 19.01.2016 29
5 3&5 HCLInfo System, Coimbatore 05.08.2016 32
6 3&5 CegonSoftwares, Coimbatore 05.08.2016 32